The Artist’s Way: Week I

So I’m restarting the Artist’s Way since I don’t have much to do and maybe this will get me into the serious writing mode again. I haven’t written anything substantial for over a year and a half. Other than tweets and blogs and the occasional lengthy challenge, I haven’t really done anything that dealt with fiction or poetry. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I do get quite deep and profound on certain posts but it’d be nice to have something that was worthy of being published. Like a good short story or poem or an essay. Just something.

Anyway, here’s what I’m working with:

The white notebook with the red-faced Garu and a bathing girl Pucca is already filled and was my first Morning Pages book. If you don’t know what morning pages are, they are three pages of longhand, stream of conscious writing that you’re supposed to do like first thing in the morning and don’t stop until you reach the end. Well, I do mine in the afternoon nowadays haha and after I get ready for the day, but I’ll try to do them after I open my eyes. The binder is for the excerises and tasks that the book will tell me to do and if I happen to lose the current book I’m working on or need more pages if I ran out or something. The red pucca notebook on the right is the one I’m currently writing in, I think I have less than two weeks to go before it’s done so I’ll be doing the binder then. I want to keep all the MP notebooks the same size and shape so I’ll order some online once I get a damn job, but until then, I’ll just keep on sticking filler paper in the binder. I wonder how big I can get it? haha.

And finally that book right there is the Artist’s Way book I bought at the JFK library sale nearly a year ago. It was fate haha. I remember maybe the week before I was trying to do it but I realized that you needed 12 weeks to do it and I can only renew it twice so my luck was on the up and I scored this for madd cheap. It was a brown bag sale for $5 and I bought a shit ton of other works. I love my life.

The Artist’s Way is basically a twelve-week program that’s supposed to get you out of your mental block and into creativity again. Now I’m not really blocked as I’ve been consistently writing in some form and shape, including these morning pages for this past summer, but the extra boost would help. Besides, this will enliven this blog up hehe. 

I’m also doing these morning pages online at 750 words. You basically type it up on there and it’ll tell you how long you’ve written, how many words you’ve written so far, what are your frequent words, how obscene you are, your mood, your typing speed, what your sense of time is, what mode you’re speaking in {us, me, them}, and so much more. It’s real neat. I’ll probably post them up everyday, or maybe every three days, or every week. I’m trying to figure out which would be the least annoying. I’ll give it a shot with the daily links and see how I like them. Hopefully it’ll be fine and not too intrusive on your dashboard. 

Here’s my first day. I wish I could share the words with you, and I can probably screenshot them on here but maybe it’ll ruin the blog a bit. I’m not even supposed to read these words until like eight weeks later. And I’ll try not to unless I happen to need to. Sometimes I write my to do lists in there which might not be such a dandy idea for reasons previously stated. Ergh. Just realized it. Oh well.

Hopefully I’ll keep on with it and do really well. I’m so curious about how productive and creative I’ll get. Maybe I’ll get happier with my artsy fartsy side hehe. It’d be nice to have some sort of breakthrough, and I think I will as advertised. In any case, it’ll be pretty interesting.

And I can’t wait to do these artist dates! You basically go by yourself and spend two days doing whatever: cooking, going to the dollar store and buying frivolous things, bookstore, taking a walk, art gallery, whatever you like as long as you do it solo. It should be fun. I’m gonna be going to the library on Thursday so maybe I’ll chill there for a few hours and read some magazines and listen to music, I hope my mp3 player will be ready to go. 

Anyway I can’t wait! It’s going to be a blast. If you did the artist’s way or are doing it now, let me know. I’d love to chat about it with you. And if anyone wants to borrow my book feel free to ask and I’ll lend it to you after I’m done, provided you’ll come here and I know you haha. 

But really, do it. Or at least the morning pages or artist dates, the former has definitely eased my writing out and organized my thoughts. It’s rather nice doing them and I won’t be giving up this process any time soon, not for a long ass while.

I hope you like what’s coming next, or more importantly, that I do. Later.