Day 3 – Five Guys’ Bacon Cheeseburger & Library Books

SO I’m posting this a bit late but it’s all good. It is my first week after all so no worries.

Just look at that burger! It’s a Bacon Cheeseburger from Five Guys. And besides that are cajun fries which aren’t as good as Popeye’s in my opinion but still pretty tasty. Loveed the burger by the way mmM.

Also went to the library and used Emmalyn’s library card shamelessly hehe. We took out the following, excluding the Webster’s College Dictionary, {bottom left rotating clockwise}:

  1. The Thin Place by Kathyrn Davis – Told in a number of perspectives across centuries and species, it’s about a town and how a group of adolescent girls come across a dead body and one of them brings him back to life. Sounds pretty intriguing and I’m not sure it’s a thorough enough blurb for it since a number of reviewers on amazon said that the summary on the book flaps didn’t do it justice but oh well. I got it in large print for my g-ma and hopefully she’ll like it and I can take a crack at it. It’s supposed to be a follow-up but hopefully I won’t need to read the previous one to understand it. They do say it’s really out there and that it’s a frustrating, jerky read. Ergh. I’ll try it anyway.
  2. Dreams of Terror and Death: The Dream Cycle of H. P. Lovecraft by H. P. Lovecraft – Emmalyn wanted this since she heard it from a podcast. I think all the education she’s been getting all summer is from those things haha. I’ve always wanted to read his work ever since I played this neat game, Silent Conversation, it was really scary playing the lovecraft level and it was fun bouncing on the words and reading the short story along. You can also play on haiku or poem levels as well. Give it a go. Anyway, all his stories are supposed to be scary horror ones and many authors and creators were inspired by him. It’d be interesting to read his story and be like “So that’s where that came from!” I can’t wait to read his works!
  3. Free Stallion: Poems by Amber Tamblyn – I had no clue that Amber Tamblyn who starred in Joan of Arcadia, what a good friggin show I wish I finished it, wrote poetry. What a neat find. They’re targeted towards teenagers and this is her first volume of poetry. She’s a terrific actress so I’m real excited to read them. 
  4. Chocolat by Joanne Harris – I really adored the movie that had Johnny Depp in it so I was real excited to find out that it was originally a novel. YAY! It’s about a mysterious woman with a daughter who comes to a Southern France town that hasn’t changed in a hundred years. I think it takes places in the 50’s or so. In any case, they open up a chocolate shop although most of the townspeople are Catholics taking Lenten vows against such frivolous temptations. Each customer gets a delicious treat and some ease from their problems. Reviewers said that the descriptions of food were divine and I can’t wait to devour it hehe. And I got it in large print so grandma can read it too.
  5. Anansi Boys by Neil Gaiman – I LOVED American Gods by the same author and it takes place in the same universe. It centers around a man named Charlie who leads a pretty average life who then attends the funeral of his estranged father and discovers that his Dad was the human form of the African God Anansi and that he has a brother. Shit starts getting out of control and I can’t wait to see what happens hehe. I just hope that the protagonist doesn’t easily accept the magic like Shadow did in American Gods. Didn’t like that at all. I hope Gaiman proves me wrong. Also in large print for Lola.
  6. Favorite Short Stories in Large Print – Hmm. Can’t find the book right now so I can’t list the anthology collector but oh well. There’s a wide range of short stories here from Charles Dickens to Ernest Hemingway I believe. It’s the first volume so I guess it fits a lot of them in there. I can’t wait to discover some new authors and go over ones I’ve forgotten and loved. They’re pretty much tried and true classics but I’m sure I’ll get surprised hehe.

I also went to Woodbridge mall and went to the closing Borders where we got that Webster’s college dictionary with CD for only $13.47. And I got The Museum of Innocence by Orhan Pamuk. It takes place in the 1970’s Istanbul and stars Kemal who’s engaged but has an affair with his poor cousin, Fusun, who is twelve years younger at 18. They break it off but he starts to amass a collection of objects connected to her and their time together. It seems to be depressing but it looks really cool and it’s by a Nobel Prize winner. It was $6.38 which is 60% off the list price. Neat.

I also got The Selected Works of T.S. Spivet by Reif Larsen which I wrote about the day(s) before. I’m really excited to get my hands on it since it’ll stop my debt on that damn library book and it’s experimental fiction which I’m totally in love with. There’s a number of graphs and drawings in there, as the main character is a genius cartographer, and comments along the side. I can’t wait to dive in! I just the story matches up with the presentation. It was such a steal at $6.40 with all the fancy drawings and such. HOORAYYY!!

…I’d rather have Borders back though 😦

I also got this awesome bookmark that quotes Socrates: “Wisdom begins in Wonder.” My mom suggested I get it for my friend and I did. And it was pretty good for $2.99 since it comes with a dangling brown ribbon with beads on it hehe. I should buy them a book as well to go with it. I know just the one but I need to check with them if they have it already. I need to be sneaky about it though haha.

I went to the dollar store there too and I got them the exact item that would complete their present. Highly necessary. I’d talk about it here but I don’t want to spoil it for them in case they read about it here. I’ll talk about it later on once I handed it over to them. I also got them this really cute BIG bag for their present since the target bag didn’t fit everything in it and it was one third the price! BALLLERRRR! haha. I hope they like it!

They friggin better, all the gifts I came across made me thought of them and if they don’t like it then I really don’t know them :(. That’s depressing but at least I saved a bunch of money on them yayyy!

My mom also bought a card there at Borders for $1.18 and it was SOOOO them! It was unbelievable. I couldn’t pick a better card out! THANX MOMMY! hehe.

Here’s today’s entry for 750 words, or at least the statistics hehe. It’s really fun to figure out all my uses for it, so far I’ve done:

  • bitching and ranting on people
  • listing what i’ve done journal style
  • figuring out what to keep track of since they offer this cool metadata feature that could come in handy one day. Or just for fun hehe. I can’t wait to see what I do with it! I just hope I do it everyday. 
  • planning out sketchbook and the next day

I may have done more but oh well. I hope I keep up this streak of doing a minimum of 750 words. I was hoping to do 1000, but I didn’t get to do it with today’s entry. Rats. I’ll have to remember to start earlier, oh well.

And it’s great cuz it gets all the excess out of my collage journal and I only have so much paper on that with all that ephemera on it. YAY!

Ugh. Present Eileen’s tummy hurts so I need to end it here. It doesn’t matter though since I ran out of all the things I wanted to say. Have a good one!


P.S. I forgot to include the shot I have of the page of the 1994 College Webster’s Dictionary that we have:

you like my fancy MS paint skillz? lol