Not What I Anticipated But Oh Well {this was bound to happen sooner or later}

ERGH. I originally wanted to regularly update this daily with photo posts and 750 words statistic entries and sketch book pages but dammit. I’m getting lazy, even though I’ve been taking photos every day and resizing them and doing the entries… for the most part. Still haven’t done the two soulmate pages additional yet. Damn me. BUT I have been scribbling down ideas here in my listography which is something. 

I guess.

But I decided to announce this somewhat publicly on my twitter as my #700thtweet {…. to my less than 50 followers lol} cuz I couldn’t take waiting for more than eight days man. I missed that social network too much hehe. 

Hopefully I’ll get this fully caught up by midnight tonight, September 4th 2011, Sunday. If I do I’ll reward myself with an ice cream vanilla mochi and a new tea carton drink I haven’t tried yet from Asian Food Center. I hope it doesn’t blow hehe.

I also need to get a better theme. I’m not feeling this one, I want links to tagged entries on the sidebar or whatever like #photo a day, #750 words, #The Artist’s Way, #Sketchbook Project 2012, etc. I’ll definitely try to get it by tonight. 

So this is my sorry excuse of a blog post hehe. I promise the next ones will be more interesting. I hope to God I won’t have to resort to these things at all or at least three at most. This is gonna be a terrible tumblr if I have to do that. Blech.

Anyway, I’m glad I’m starting to tweet again. It was weird not retweeting and replying and all. Though I mostly talk to myself on there haha. 

There’s not much else to say but just end it. Have a wonderful Sunday morning and labor day! I’m gonna go to sleep.

…and hopefully get this really bad sleeping pattern sorted out haha.