Day 4 – Free Chocolate Chipper from Panera!

August 26th, 2011 at 9:45 P.M.

Ergh. I’m like a bit over a week late on this. Damn. But I remember going to Panera and getting that free chocolate chipper cookie since I got a nifty rewards card. YAY! It was pretty good when I heated it in the microwave. I really love melted chocolate chip cookies. I especially miss the ones at my grade school that are still doughy in the middle. They were SO good! Too bad my sister just graduated from there and is going to high school. Ugh. Hate her hehe.

I actually drove to Provident Bank, I haven’t driven in awhile. Neato. But I didn’t drive everywhere with my Dad though like to Panera. Oh well haha. I’ll do better this week for sure. And at least it was a different route and I experienced traffic, that’s good ‘cuz I need to learn how to handle that.

I also went to Asian Food Center and snagged a six pack of Ice Cream Milk Tea which you can see above. Cute cartons with straws hehe. I just hope they taste good. I’ll hit them up after I finish drinking the four other drinks. mmM. 

Of course I’m gonna have to do three tasks in a single day. I have yet to do that for my first treat: the elusive vanilla ice cream mochi. I want it!

Here’s my 750 words entry. Nothing too special other than brainstorming on the sketchbook soulmate thingymajiggy. 

…UGH. I hate my stupid chicken scratch handwriting, I can’t read my damn diary. Frick. Oh well. I just know that that day wasn’t too special other than the cookie and oh yeah, depositing money into the bank. Oh well, I still liked it though.