Oh Geez

I love how this tumblr, that I only made last month, gets a profile pic while my main one I had from December 2009 never had one lol. Geesh {why yes I did get that from The New Girl. Zooey is sooo cringy cute! hehe}.

Anyway, my plan is to withhold from posting up on my main tumblr, intervital, until this is fully updated with picture posts and sketchbook pages, at least four of the latter ones. I’m giving myself three days, that should be enough time.

I’m just glad that I downloaded the missing e extension for tumblr. I can just bookmark the ones I want to reblog since it feels like a cheat to save them as drafts.

I also need to insert 750 words entries into the photo a day blogs. And write a description for the blog. And if I come across some awesome shit I want to try out that’s creative then it should go on here as well.

I’ll also do prompts as well and maybe something worthwhile will come up. At least I hope so anyway hehe.

Anyway that’s all I got, hopefully I’ll do like 7 posts by midnight tonight! If I do, I’ll reward myself with watching the new episode of How I Met Your Mother, the next day if I do good with another 7 then 2 Broke Girls, the day after Raising Hope, then Community after that, and Parks and Recreations after that. I know that’s like five days but just in case.

Otherwise no new television for this lame girl.

My funny bone is gonna kill me haha.