August 27th, 2011 Boys Over Flowers Screenshot

Hmm. Since I kinda effed up and skipped a day I’m not going to continue the previous numeration, so I’m gonna edit those previous posts later on. I’m gonna restart it today, since it is the first of October, but I’m still going to update the backlog of photos. I just hope I do it all by 2am though my chances are looking a little grim. I am starting at 9:30pm. Ergh.

Bad girl haha.

But anyway, here’s the August 27th, 2011 photo:

Lee Min Ho as Goo Jun Pyo in "Boys Over Flowers" South Korean version. With Ku Hye Sun as Geum Jan Di who's on the swing. They're outside in the snow. I love it!

Oh God, isn’t he so cute! I still have a place in my heart foreverrrr for Matsujun, but damn, he’s a lot more arrogant and feisty in here.  And more classically rich boy, y’know?

And as much as I like the Japanese version, I think I like this one much better. So much more drama, the guys are collectively cuter, the family is more involved and they’re awesome. And Jun Pyo’s mom is much more of a bitch here haha. Here’s the trailer, just be sure to click CC for the english subtitles.

I really love watching it on netflix instant. So awesome. I still need to finish the first season though and I’ve been using that show as an incentive to get some shit done. So like every job I apply for I get to watch an episode. Or every three tasks that I need/ really want to do that’s creative equals an episode viewing.

It’s sooo working hehe.


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