August 28th 2011 – Finished Collage Journal: Vol. I & New Diary

So on this day, I finished off my first volume of my collage journal. It was sooo exciting! It was the first time in… actually ever haha.. that I completed a collage book project in its entirety. Though technically I didn’t finish it since I still have to stick on the “in case this is lost” contact info just in case and do an author bio, for practice hehe. But hey, all the diary pages are full so that’s great!

And the weirdest thing is that I finished this like exactly two years after I started this on August 28th 2009! Sooo coool! I didn’t even do this continuously so I definitely didn’t plan it. Though, technically I started the last page nearly a hour after midnight the next day but whatever. I don’t care, I’m counting it! hehe

Aug. 28th 2009 - Aug. 28th 2011 Completed Collage Journal Vol. I

Isn’t it soooo cool looking!?! This is totally what I strive for. I absolutely love bursting old notebooks with collages and ephemera. It’s so satisfying to see it bulge like that hehe. (…like other things *snicker*)  I cannot wait to do the same with this new one:

New Journal and Old Journal. Two worlds...COLLIDE.

And oh the right one, which is the old one, was given to me for my birthday I believe by Caitlin. So awesome! And the quote on the front says: “Nature is painting for us, day after day, pictures of infinite beauty.” – John Ruskin. So apt and true.

And I missed collaging so I decided to start it on the first night I moved into Ramapo. The first one was so complicated and shit so I never returned to that style. Now my pages are more clean, though my handwriting is still shitty but oh well. I should transcribe them one day or something. Maybe when I’m really bored and I have my own laptop. Though I can probably save the files to google docs or something. Hmm.

Anyway, I bought the one on the left at Barnes and Noble with Marrielle at Menlo. I wanted to aim for a book that was $5 or less so I didn’t have to worry about fucking up such an expensive book. This was still very pretty though, Mar told me that it was so me. And it is hehe. Very creepy and strange and wonderful to look at. I like the combination of illustration and real photo, just look at the background with the trees. Just so cool.

I think from now on I’m gonna get journals that are $5 or less, it takes the pressure off me. And I ain’t rich. I will use pricy ones if I get them for free or as presents. But I’m not getting another one until I’m like two weeks away from ending this one. I don’t want to stockpile them cuz it’ll just make me anxious about writing when I should have fun with it. And I like to think of it as serendipity if I come across one I really like out of the blue. Feel me?

And I wanna try to get the next one as blank pages, no lines. Should make things more interesting for me. And I want to increase the width and length gradually of each one (like with picking guys hehehe). But we’ll see, I’m not gonna be disappointed if it doesn’t happen with the next one.

I just hope I do a better job of updating it the next round, it’s been a long while since I properly updated this journal. Over two weeks. So bad.

But I’ll fix that tonight for sure 😀

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