August 29th 2011 – Midnight in Paris with Chelsea & Applebee’s with Carol

So I went to the movies with Chelsea at 6:40 pm cuz my living social movie tickets I got for cheap were gonna expire soonly and I really wanted to see Midnight in Paris by Woody Allen with Owen Wilson before its run ends that week. I think I got the tickets for like 9 bucks. Something ridiculously cheap and I wanted someone to come with me, and since Christian was trapped in Florida cuz of Hurricane Irene, Chelsea seemed the next best choice since I didn’t hang out with her that much.

Movie stub for "Midnight in Paris" with Chelsea, two very badly lit photobooth pix at loews NB, and the sword garnish from water I think at applebee's with Carol

I really adored the movie and I love the message about appreciating the present instead of falling for nostalgia. It was very well done and it made me want to read Hemingway, the Fitzgeralds, and the others. I’m definitely missing out if I don’t try them. I didn’t like reading “The Great Gatsby” but I think I was a sophomore in high school when I last read it so maybe I’ll appreciate it more if I read it now. Chelsea really like it too. I just love how romantic it is and it made me want to visit Paris and just learn more about that 1920’s period.

And I did two photobooth pix cuz there was already a dollar in the machine so why not? hehe. But fucking A the pictures were so fucking dim. UGH. I can’t do photos there anymore unless I’m like on the second to last or final day of the month. You see I’ve been doing photobooth pictures since my birthday month in June and I actually did September’s on Thursday. I hope I can do an entire year, maybe more hehe. Should be fun!

Then after that, I went to eat with Carol at Applebee’s. We finally hung out after she was in crutches mode, even though she lives right there. It was a lot of fun to catch up with her! And I think I ate buffalo chicken wings and drank just water, I think I would’ve taken a picture of the drink if it was something fancy hehe. And I actually took a picture of the dessert shooter hehe:

Hot Fudge Sundae Shooter at Applebee's with Carol. Sooo Good!

Really delicious and only for $2.49! And actually the wings were like half off cuz of 1/2 off appetizers after 10pm… yeahhhh boyyyyy hehe. I love getting a good deal! Such a fan hehe.

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