August 30th, 2011 – Vanilla Latte Can for $1! Big & Toasty sandwich and Hash browns and Caramel Mocha Expresso Melt. I love you. So much.

$1 Vanilla Latte Can, Dunkin Donuts' Big & Toasty and sooo scrumptious sandwich, hash browns, expresso melt caramel and mocha with coupon. BOOYAAAAhhh!

So me and Emmalyn went to CVS and dunkin donuts. Neat. I got a neutrogena pink grapefruit facial scrub which i really needed cuz i ran out but Emmalyn hijacked it -_-. Oh well. She’ll need it more since she actually goes to school and I already graduated and currently jobless. But I also got this vanilla latte can for $1. YAY! I wanted some treats and drinks incentives to get work done. I haven’t tried it yet but hopefully it’s great.

Then afterwards we went to dunkin donuts and I had a coupon that was gonna expire soon. It was a dollar off an expresso melt which was sooo goodd. I combined caramel and mocha but I think next time I’ll try some other flavors. I forget what though haha. And I also got hash browns and big and toasty which me and Emmalyn really liked. mmM. I can’t wait to eat there again!

Dammit I’m getting hungry haha.

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