August 31st, 2011 – free Lancome make up + lovely encounter with nicee ladieeeeee

…okay it wasn’t exactly free since I had to pay like umm $36 or so for it but hey, it was a buttload so it’s all good hehe. I went to Macy’s and got a bunch of free make up with a purchase of clock strikes 12 gray matte and beige silk lipstick. They were more than 36, probably mid 40’s but so worth it cuz of the major swag:

Lancome Make-up Goodies: Top left - Red lipstick that I fucked up by scrolling it up all the way to the top (shit), creme radiance face wash for travel, Triple action renewal anti-wrinkle face cream with spf sun screen (in it for the spf brahhh), make up remover, beige silk lipstick, clock strikes 12 eye shadow. Bottom left - Color design eye shadow, and foundation brush

Forgot to include the free red make up bag. It’s real cute and small with a black flower beading at the lower right corner.  Even though the make up was so friggin pricey I felt that it was worth it. Feels like good quality and I look great in it hehe. And the foundation brush will come in handy when I’m in the nubs of my mac foundation powder hehe.

But even better than all that swag was the conversation with the make up counter lady that my mom had. I went there first to pick out the make up and then I dragged my mom and sis over to the counter so she can pay for it. Why yes, I am a spoiled brat haha. At least in a sense how I get hand outs and I’m a bum. So yeah, completely spoiled lol.

And the counter make up niceeee ladieeee said: “you have raised your daughter very well. She’s the sweetest, most polite girl I ever met.” (and she said I had beautiful lips though I need to moisturize them haha. Agreed on that account.) And she also said she’s sure that she raised my sister very well as well. And my mom retorted that it only happened at Macy’s hahah something like that. Damn her lol.

But all I was doing was being the usual. Polite and inquisitive about the goods. Nothing special. I wasn’t trying to impress her or anything or faking it because why the hell would I? Either it’s saying a lot about me or it’s saying a lot about the usual people she deals with. I shudder at the crap she might have to put up with. Ergh.

But I really appreciate the compliment. It made me very happy and I hope that she knows that. I really hope she likes her job. And hopefully other people will treat her nicely.

I had no intentions of becoming a rude bitch but this is one more reason to remain essentially me. I still want to strive for more professionally and relationship wise and do more creative and adventurous things but I still want to be me in many ways. Not just kindness and sweetness and courteousness, but in intelligence, curiosity, creativity, insight, and weirdness hehe.

I really do love who I am right now and who I’m evolving towards. I hope I still like myself til the very end. Though I know I’ll hate my actions and sins and decisions, but I hope I like my very soul. Who I am when I’m alone.

I used to detest myself and put myself down so many times but no more of that nonsense.

There’s nothing to hate. Nothing to wear down. I’m higher than that.

I am better than that.


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