Reporting from Ergth Heaven


So I’ve been really really horrible about updating and catching up on this site.


But I just want to shove a little update on here, even though no one is following right now haha.

I might as well build up some sort momentum right? And anyway, I might forget what I mean to say, which is what I’m starting to haha, once I’m fully updating which could take days, weeks, quite possibly months. I really don’t like that thought of the lattermost but shit, I can be such a fucking bum.

Another ergh.

I’m not sure if I said this before on here, but I wanna make at least four of my week’s photos to not be based on consumerism. It can be of previous purchases like say if I was showing off a collection of magazines I bought. But I need them to be more than shit I bought that day. Food included, except for meals cuz I usually eat with friends and that which I cooked. I also want two of them to be taken outside my house. It’s depressing how like one month of my pictures were mostly those taken at home, even though I did go out that day.

Which means I’ll be taking my heavyish camera with me. I’m starting to already, it’s a bit annoying but I’m used to it now. I’m still debating about whether I should bring it to the Childish Gambino concert in November. I’d love to but shoot. I don’t know. It could break. I might not appreciate the concert as much. But I really want my own photos. Hmm.

I’ll just ask around and see what people say and make my final call nearish to the date. I have like three weeks to figure this shit out. Plenty.

I also haven’t started the sketchbook project yet, well, I mean, restart it.

Third ergh. At least I’m stacking up some nice ideas. I just need to cut out more pictures and words for my vision board. Should be fun. And I’ll get plenty of swag on friday for the New York Comic Con hehe. So that’s definitely some potential fodder for my sketchy booky hehe. And I have til Jaunary 31st 2012 to fill it up and send it out. But I do want to get a dandy portrait of myself for those business cards.

It’d be so sick to have like one of them attached to the sketchbook like towards the end. Maybe five pages from the end. I just need to make a nifty bio, get a great headline, and as I mentioned before, get a lovely picture of myself. I think I will omit my facebook though. That feels a bit too much, though you’ll be able to find me online though in any case. But oh well. In any case, I’ll give myself til the first week of January to find one but I’ll just have to rely on whatever if I can’t get a good one. Phooey.

I’m trying to think if I want my livejournal to be connected here, like transfer all my entries to here. On one hand, it’d be a fully thorough account of my creativity and life. But then again, I should start fresh and some of those entries are just so excessive and whiny and repetitive.

Ergh to the fourth power.

So I think I’ll leave it out. I will link it on occasion if it feels relevant. I am planning on blogging about the sketchbook project on there as well as this site in more detail. I feel a lot more free to go for broke and be lengthy as fuck on there hehe. Though I’ll probably get like that on here. It’s starting to seem like it now anyway hehe.

I just thought of something I want to add to my “before 24” list. To slow dance with someone I’m attracted to. I’m not sure which would be better, with someone I know, or someone I don’t know. Both have their merits, but I kind of like the mysterious, sweet, I’ll probably never see them again quality of a handsome stranger. Someone make it happen haha.

It’s such a shame. I love grinding and dancing in general to a fast beat. But I miss slow dancing in high school and in grade school. I’ve had some sweet moments with Tom and Michael like 9 or 10 years ago. It kind of depresses me that the next time I’ll be slow dancing could be at my wedding.

I will not allow that shit to happen.

I think I’ll try to find a jazz club or something. There’s gotta be a night club in nyc that does slow jams… right? It can’t all be rump shaking and shit.

I plead the ergh.

I just need to find someone to go with, maybe a girl. And hopefully a guy I like. That could be really nice. I want a sweet dancing moment. Total heated lust can be so much fun and exciting but it’s the lovely, really intimate moments that I want to remember.

I hope I’m not the only one who thinks like this. I think I’ll ask around my close friends and see if they’re down for that sort of club. Maybe they know something. And I better like bold the ones I really want to do by 24. Like 24 of them for sure, excluding the ones I already crossed out of course. I’ll do it later. It is getting pretty friggin late.

I’ve decided to add eight more goals to the list, besides the slow dance one. Hopefully I won’t insert any repeats, though I believe the boots are a repeat. And you know what, I’m including the 50,000 novel nanowrimo thingy cuz I really want to try it and complete it. Should be fun. And it’ll give me something to do on this wordpress when I get lazy to upload pix. Bound to happen haha.

I should probably tag this shit. But I’m sleepy and lazy. Perhaps I’ll do this later.

Perhaps not.

I wanna ERGH you up!



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