Let’s see if this works

Testing testing. 123. Yiipeeeeeee

Love 23


23 Something I am so very afraid of.

oh! now i can really abuse  the footnote shit hehehehe. YESSHHHHH. this is awesome! SPLENDIFEROUS! AHHHHH.

I’m soooo gonna footnote my blogs! at least fairly often. ahhh i’m so pumped! i’m such a dork but you probably knew this already hehe.

hmm. now i don’t have to use google docs to put up my short story up. though maybe i should, but then again their array of fonts BLOW. not one that’s really fancy. ERGH. though I get scared that someone might steal my story or something. Unlikely though, i’m not THAT good, but you never know…

So hmm. What should I do? On one hand, on google docs I can make sure that I can choose who to give access to. But I think if I use Microsoft word to publish it, I can make it truer to the story with the fonts and all. Hmm.

I guess it’s a question of whether or not I want to publish it in the future. I think I could publish it maybe, if I just reedit a couple more times. There might be a part that’s unnecessary but we’ll see. I’ll just ask other writers and people and make my choice from there.

Ahhhh I’m so glad Microsoft Word can publish blog posts! This is so fantastic! whattttttt.

This could really up my blogging game, at least on here hehe. And this is real close to uprooting my teacher’s pet affection for tumblr. I’m not sure if you can do this with tumblr but probably though I don’t see much of a reason to since I’m doing my writing on here mostly. Maybe prompts but I can do that on tumblr without the need of Word.

Oh man. This is complete EPIC. I’m so EXCITE.

Technology is sooo kickass!


2 thoughts on “Let’s see if this works

  1. oh if you have microsoft word 2007 and above, you can write a blog post and whatever fonts you use will stay in the blog. just remember to connect it to wordpress or typepad or whichever hehe 🙂 i hope you have it!


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