Goal setting

So many false starts but I promise to try to make this one stick. It’s been over a year since I last updated and I really want to make this a weekly thing. It’s late on a Friday night and I came home early from a gathering. My Dad wanted me home before 12am but I got my Mom to give me til 1am. I’m twenty fricking five years old and I, at first, simply accepted the curfew instead of fighting it like my sister was doing for me. And she’s 17. I should have a later curfew but my parents don’t want that. Maybe my mom, but definitely not my Dad.

So I’m gonna make a list of things to do in order to become more independent and self-reliant. Here it goes:

  1. Get a job (that I hopefully enjoy)
  2. Save money towards the new car or perhaps an apartment
  3. Drive on my own.
  4. Move out.

That’s about it. And now my Dad wants me to go to bed now. Yes, I even have a bed time. *sigh*

I do have it great at home, and I am truly blessed to have such supportive parents. But it’s about time I become a real adult with a job and a life outside of this house. I actually want to go out more which is something I never said or thought about before this moment haha. And maybe date, but that should come after the job and some freedom. I’d like to travel as well but I’ll come to that once I drive more and saved some much needed money.

I want to get a job before my 26th birthday (June 23rd) and drive on my own at least six times prior to that date as well. I want to move out before I turn 30 and I’m praying that it’s by myself. No boyfriend or roommates. That’s gonna be really hard but I think doable.

So I’m going to use this blog to track my independence as well as any creative feats I will do. As I said before, I have poor follow through but this shouldn’t be too hard to keep up. 

I just don’t want to see my next post to be a year after this one. I really want to keep track of my days and make myself better on a daily basis.

And fine, I’ll throw in an exercise goal as well: reach a healthy weight before that dreaded 26. (DUDE I don’t even want to be 25 haha)

So that’s that. That’s all my goals. Hopefully I can manage my time well but that was never my strong suit. 

But I can start. I’ve been in the same disgusting rut for YEARS now. Three of them now. THREE OF THEM, Like damn man. Pull it together!

…which I will now do. Hope your goals are going smoother than mine!


5 thoughts on “Goal setting

  1. hi eileen. did you end up finishing those do-able bucket list items we jotted down? hows the driving and cooking going?


    1. actually no :/. Sorry for the late reply but I’m just getting around to update this site. And as for the driving and cooking, it’s practically non-existent now. I need to get my ass in gear man.


  2. hi Eileen! I like your site. 🙂

    It has been 5 months since you set these goals, how are they coming along?


    1. Thanks! Going along kinda badly although my current internship at a children’s literary agency crosses off item #1 so yay for that haha. But now it’s time to job hunt again, I just hope it won’t take me another forever to get a job once again. Oy.

      I am saving money but it might be towards my first tattoo or a ticket to Cali. Need to figure out which should come first. Hmm.


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