bang bang bucket list

Seven months since I last updated and I only managed to cross off one of my goals: getting a job I enjoy. Luckily it’s the most important one but now I have only three weeks left to my children’s literary agency internship so I must find another book publishing job (hopefully).

Right now I put myself on social media hiatus which means no tumblr, instagram, facebook, or twitter except for WordPress since I need to use this account for my Pinay Literature and Creative Writing online workshop and I desperately needed to update this site. So from now until I find a job or it’s 2015, this site will be my buddy hehe.

And below you will find my bucket list, dated August, 6, 2013, finished at 2:05 am.

Eileen's bucket list

i find it a bit pathetic that I only managed to cross off only ONE item, working in the book publishing industry, since it has been over a year. My goal is to cross off three more items before the year is through. I think tomorrow I’ll tally up how many items I have total. And I’m gonna have to white out the mystery subscription from Rumpus since they don’t have it anymore. Darn. I think I’ll just put in Adam JK’s Brain Subscription or a quarterly package. Hmm.

I lost the original so I printed out a new copy and man oh man my printer is pretty tight. I usually write on scrap paper and when I printed this out, you can see in the background all the words on the other side backwards. You can even see the white out I did on a duplicate tasks. Just dang, no wonder it took forever to print haha.

Okay, I think I’ll just leave this as is cuz I’m hungry and I want to watch that new show, The Mysteries of Laura. Hot damn, Debra Messing is still a stunner. It’s like she never aged yo. And still so funny. Loveeee herrrrr.

That leftover artichoke bastille pizza is calling me man. LATES.

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