October 26th 2011

But here are my ideas so far:

Okay so I decided to have it be about a guy in postgrad life. I think maybe a double major like accounting and creative writing or maybe literature. I’m not sure if he’d be the type to do short stories for class. Hmm. Maybe not.

  • he’s scared of rejection from females and of being close with them. He has a few friends that he’s known since he was little.
    • he doesn’t like to show what he’s into with most people, with exception of those close friends. he thinks it’ll taint his hobby rather than uplift it and make it better.
  • yet he thinks he’s superior to nearly everyone else and doesn’t bother trying to get to know them. It’s an underlying current.
  • He’s interested in a lot of things. And likes researching and discovering more of what he just learned about or has a passing interest to him.
  • i think the footnotes will reveal the great details of minor and big things taht he sees. And also show what he overlooks. Not only will I show the layers of his speech and behavior and personality but also of those he interacts with to show that they aren’t as shallow as they seem or as one note.
    • Basically people are more complex than you first see.
  • i’m going to make a tumblr for him. Maybe of the girl but I don’t know. But definitely of him. I think it’d be fun. It won’t count towards the novel word total but yeah. And I like it when characters from shows and whatnot have physical, visitable things. I think I’ll also use one of my blank moleskine notebooks for him to write in. I won’t use cursive but I’ll print. maybe make my handwriting kinda different, so neater hehe.
    • YESHHH. just found the notebook. Just hope I can complete it or at least fill half of it up. But you know what, I think I’ll continue to use this and the tumblr for however long it takes.
    • tumblr should be good cuz it’s the most interesting blog platform there and so customizable. And there’s a blog for everything. I wonder if there are any character blogs out there? Beyond fuckyeahzim or something. I bet there is. I’d like to see one for myself.
      • and then you can put in quotes, text, audio, video, and pictures and links. soo cool. So maybe I’ll use it to expand on a footnote or a line or something. maybe use it to show his research, whatever can’t fit in the novel.
  • as for the girl, maybe she was his classmate in one of his classes and he catches her attention with an astute observation. if there’s a place where he’s not reserved, it’s in the classroom. But he clams up and doesn’t remember her whenever she’s by him. Like i said, he doesn’t and isn’t willing to share himself with strangers.
  • i’m not sure if they’ll fall in love. though i like the thought of writing a love story, i haven’t attempted to write one in a long while. but i like the idea of the story changing on me hehe. so either way i’ll give it a go.
  • but this oughta give my wide array of new and old books some use hehe. I think it’d be fun to include it all or at least some of it. yeah. hehe.

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