October 26th 2011

So I volunteered at Raconteur like I said. It was fun like usual. There was a squirrel that was trapped in the store overnight though Alex, the store owner, thought he got rid of it yesterday. He found a lot of couch stuffing on the floor and the squirrel was in the cushions and stuff. Then he got me to grab an umbrella to help him get rid of it.

Eventually, it moved behind a framed poster that was attached to the corner of the DVDs and the window. Alex would bang on top of the poster and the rodent made these odd, almost human like noises, like a little kid or baby. It was creepy and so unnerving. I never heard squirrels make noises at all so yeah, disconcerting.

Luckily, this woman came in and said that she had a cage in the back of her car. She’s an animal lover and takes care of eagles and she wanted to use gloves originally but changed her mind and grabbed the cage. She got the squirrel in and brought it out behind the store to free it. It’s strange how she actually had a cage and just came into the store just in time.

I’ve been thinking about coincidences and it’s weird how people can enter your life out of the blue

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