Bold Moves October ’14

So it’s currently the tenth month of the year and I really want to do Bold Moves October again. Basically, BMO is a month where you do courageous (to you) acts everyday like applying for the dream job or smiling at a dashing stranger. Here’s a better synopsis of what it entails. And I know I’m a bit late in the game but here are the main tasks I want to achieve before Nov. 1st hits:

  • Apply to at least 23 jobs
    • Get at least one job interview in November
  • Finish the fiction sketchbook and mail it
  • Write four more pieces for the Pinay Literature and Creative Online Workshop
    • Revise and submit two works
    • Critique/Comment at least five per day
  • Do a minimum of 3 book reviews and update site
  • Save at least $1000
  • Continue on the facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr hiatus (individual profiles ok EXCEPT on facebook)
  • Flirt with a cute guy at a bookstore
    • Or at least ask someone for a recommendation
  • Explore a new place
  • Eat a new food
  • Genuinely surprise myself

I think that’s enough for now. Here’s the bold moves October blog and it’s run by the illustrious Kelton Wright aka datebynumbers on tumblr. She’s a wonderful writer and so good at giving advice. I can’t wait to get her new book this month though honestly I should curb my tome spending. I’ve been buying books left and right ever since word bookstores ( this new incentive where you buy $100 worth of books for $5 off your next book. I hit my first coupon and I don’t know what to buy except everything aaaahhhhhhh. I have to start saving more though. If I want to be out of this house I better penny pinch. My solo near/in NYC apartment ( ain’t gonna fund itself man. (Sorry about the parentheses, I’m having a hard time hyperlinking on kindle. Why you gotta be like that man!?)

Damn I want a sugar daddy.

Currently taking applications.


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