I bought replacements for my Nikon d5000’s charger cord and lens cap plus a cleaning cloth from Amazon. I haven’t taken a pic since February, at least according to my memory card though I lost the other one. I want to restart my daily photo project as well as take some pics while I still have my internship in NYC.

And by the end of this year I hope I take the following photos:

  1. Selfie I’m super proud of
  2. Paper bag sale haul from the library
  3. Stack of owned books I read the past few months by New Year’s Eve
  4. A piece of art (new to me) that thoroughly moved me
  5. My own work of guerrilla art
  6. A new favorite place
  7. Delicious new food I adore
  8. Doing an item off my bucket list
  9. Completed version of my fiction sketchbook
  10. A dear dear friend

Ten should be enough for now. If I tick an item off, maybe I’ll replace it with a new task. I’m getting excited just thinking about it hehe.

I’ve been posting a lot of what I wish to do and not much of what I’ve already done. Enough with the wish lists, it’s time for some action. So I’m going to focus for the rest of this month, and maybe for the rest of year, on blogging about kickass things I’ve done. What I’ve written, what I’ve read, what I’ve seen, and so on and so forth.

I’ve always been a daydreamer but I gotta wake up. The internship is ending and I need to do more with my time.

This time next week, I want to be happier and more content with myself. It’s going to feel real good striking these lists out.

I get all fuzzy tingly thinking about it hehe


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