Get that Job Incentive

Usually I put these sort of posts about kickstarters on my tumblr but seeing that I’ve banned myself from it, I decided to put in on here.

Adam JK is a kickass graphic designer who’s actually younger than me (ergh). But not by much. He made this wonderful book that I pre-ordered and although I already bought a moleskine planner, I still want to get his unsolicited advice weekly planner whose video you can see above.

Not only that, but you can subscribe to his 2015 mail art club which is a donation level on his kickstarter. Friggin awesome. I love all his gift shop items. They’re hilarious, touching, and even sweet.

But I won’t let myself get one until I have a job ready. It is a 100 bucks and I don’t have much in my checking, so this will be my little gift on scoring a job.

Man I want this bad.

It’s a little less than a month til the fundraiser is over. Haven’t sent out any applications yet but I’ll definitely start today. If I do at least three, I’ll reward myself with watching my netflix dvd of An Oversimplification of Her Beauty which I got last week. Now that I’m jobless, I have more time to devote to my queue and boy do I miss it.

I WILL get a book publishing job before fall is over.

Just don’t hold me to it lol.

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