And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Our Pen

Page III. Tentative titles for the sketchbook and a family circus like diagram of how me and my soulmate will meet.
Page III. Tentative titles for the sketchbook and a family circus like diagram of how me and my soulmate will meet.

Okay, I finally got my lazy ass to transcribe what my sketchbook for my soulmate pages look like, at least this third page anyway. It’s supposed to be upright like a book but I figured it’d be more convenient to read it on its side.

Just in case you can’t read my awful chicken scratch, here’s what it says:

2011-8-15 23:20:00 – 4:00 @COLLAGEI (my twitter handle*) “2012 Time Traveler Theme for my future soulmate: “Sweet Nothing” #sketchbookband @arthouse @itscolossal Hope he like it despite the mess.” 4:14 AM 01/07/12 -> So over the summer they were running this contest where you and to give a cool band name to your sketchbook.  I chose this one because it was meant for you but I know NOTHING about you so yeah. I had another name, it was SWEET HEARTS APLENTY,” but I just went for the other. If I won I would’ve gotten a free sketchbook which I’d give to my friend Courtney who you’ll really love hehe. NO TOUCHING THO! lol. But I didn’t, but I thought of the band name that would’ve won for sure: “And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Our Pen” from the band that has the same name except instead of pen, it’s “Dead.” Neat huh? I’ll try to remember for next year if they do it again.

* though that’s an old one, here’s my current one, if you’re curious.

Then on the bottom is a dash trail of how me and my future boo will meet and what will transpire, inspired from that kickass band name. Here’s what I wrote out:

Meetcute > Developing Crush > Mutual Confession > Realization of How Icky and Dumb the Other is > … Date Anyway > The Rise of Something Wonderful > LOVE > Honeymoon Phase > (Bitterness/Regret/Self-Sabatoge) > Uncertainty >Sparking of a Deeper Flame > ?

I didn’t get much further ‘cuz of lack of room and I have no idea what will come next really. I never been in love so this was just conjecture… just like the rest of the book haha. I could’ve ended it at love but I know for sure that it’s never that neat. But there is hope there at the end. I’ll let you know how that love shit goes once I meet him haha.

I wonder what our path will be like. Would it be boring or adventurous? How will I know that you are the one for me? I worry that I’ll never meet you. Hell, I worry that I’ll never get a man in the first place. But I guess I have to put myself out there and hope you come along.

Hurry, I fucking hate waiting lol.

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