Of error and beauty

Diana mini 35mm film sheet. It was a free workshop in NYC and I got this and another roll. HOT DOG.
Diana mini 35mm film sheet featuring this cutie of a blogger. It was from a workshop in NYC and I got this and another roll for  free. HOT DOG.

So I don’t remember how I came across lomography but some three years ago I was craving it bad and decided to sign up for the diana mini workshop (the camera I wanted the most because it does single shots as well as split frames), which was like probably ten bucks but it came with TWO free rolls of film. Sweet. Though I lost the other film, drat. I was the only one there unfortunately but I had a lot of fun with the camera. I was 23 by that time and I wanted my soulmate sweetheart to see what I looked like during the time of making this book.

Gosh I’m cute hehe.

Anyway, the blue marker was fading so I went over it with black pen. I wish I had blue pen but oh well. In case you can’t even read that, here’s what it entails:

7:27 PM 1/30/2012

I went to the Lomography store in NYC on August 3, 2011 on 8th street for the Diana Mini workshop and after using like one roll, this is all that came out tho in my defense the camera is kinda buggy hehe. But I got another roll and it was just fun. I hope by the time I see you I’d have a diana mini and already have the analog cameras and developing films of all kinds. I think analog can be so gorgeous and I want to document the world anyway I can. 12 AM

I still have the negatives but I don’t think any of them have the split frames. Oh well. This post is pretty apt since I should be receiving the lomo’instant camera in the mail any day now, I just need to get a confirmation email. So excite! And I’m getting the diana mini love letters camera as well plus the lens package! AHHHHHH.  It’s too late to fund the kickstarter but you can preorder it here.

These are going to be my first lomography cameras! And actually film ones at that. I’m so excited to experiment though film and developing can be pricey. I hope I find a job soon to supplement it. Another incentive, cool.

But I have to buy batteries, either 6V or 4x AAA batteries. And I wanna see if my Tito’s tripod can fit my DSLR D5000, diana mini, and my lomo’instant. I really hope so. I’ll check it for my dslr tomorrow.

I can’t believe it’s already November. No one came to my house for trick or treating today. Kinda sad but oh well.

But at least halloween candy is on sale hehe. I want reeses, twix, and jolly ranchers. Even another incentive to get a job.

Ugh. Craving chocolate. Dammit.

I think I’ll do a daily page(s) scan of my sketchbooks. And if I run out, then I’ll just work on more pages. Technically, I started this above picture on the 31st but we’ll see how lazy I am tomorrow haha.

I still have to think about what to write for NaNoWriMo.  Maybe I’ll just pull up a blank word doc and just start typing.

Sounds like a plan.

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