An Oversimplification Of Her Beauty

I just finished watching my netflix DVD of An Oversimplifcation of Her Beauty. What a wonderful film. The voiceover is dense and at times a bit rushed and hard to understand but I was definitely moved by this portrayal of love. I adore how it jams together, animation, claymation, live action, and interviews into this tight, impactful movie. I want to buy it on DVD so I can really understand it and listen to the audio commentary by the director and the actress Namik Minter, separately. I just kept on saying, “I love this movie.” It’s unlike any movie I’ve ever seen though Paper Heart is kinda similar in the mash up. I loved that one too hehe.

Here’s a great quote from it:

It was always really funny to me that people have a taste. It’s actually kind of a scary thought because if you taste a certain way, then that means there has to be some sort of predator out there craving you… Anyways, all that to say, I am going to kiss you like that.

The sweetness, the romance, the vulnerability, the honesty… so much to unpack. Here’s the website. It just stays with you. I hope I can make a work of art as emotionally real as that.

We all have it in ourselves, the question is..

are we brave enough to try?

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