Job Incentive II (So I caved…)

And bought this limited edition Luna parcel from The Love Parcel. I know I said I wouldn’t buy anything but she won’t be making anymore of that awesome tote bag or gorgeous print. Well worth the $40. It’s the online store I adored the most and I just want everything. Here’s the package I got from her. And I’m sure that job will come soon. I just need to apply to more jobs. I want to stick solely to NYC since that’s where I want to end up. But if the new year arrives and I’m still without an occupation, I’ll apply locally.

Also there’s this fantastic ebook that came out yesterday by Kelton Wright titled “Anonymous Asked: Life Lessons from the Internet’s Big Sister.” She’s the woman behind one of my favorite blogs, Datebynumbers. I love her words and I check everyday without fail. She never disappoints.

PLUS Amanda Fucking Palmer has her new book coming out, “The Art of Asking or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Let People Help” and she’s coming to NYC at the union square Barnes and noble on November 14th at 7pm. It’s a free signing and she’s one of my favorite singers ever. Must have.

But I’m staving off from buying since you can get books anytime. Though probably not the AFP one. I haven’t met her yet and she’s an idol of mine. And in order to meet her you have to buy her book there. Maybe I should dip into my savings. I will if I have to but dag I shouldn’t.

So another bunch of job incentives up in my grill. Dammit.

Must get to stepping on that application grind.


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