november ’14 favorites

I decided to start a monthly rundown of my favorite things. It’d be nice to look back on what I enjoyed and it’ll be good practice for my book review wordpress that I’ll hopefully launch before I hit 30 haha.

Books and book like things

  • Your Illustrated Guide to Becoming One with the Universe by Yumi Sakugawa – It’s a wonderfully drawn comic on well, see title lol. It was so relaxing to look at the careful details and let the words roll over me, even if they don’t make much sense. But I enjoyed the abstractness and it made me feel calmer and more free. Sakugawa is one of my favorite cartoonists and it was a pleasure to finally meet her at Comic Arts Brooklyn Festival. Next I hope to get her I Think I am in Friend-Love with You, it’s pretty sweet looking.
  • Don’t Go Where I Can’t Follow by Anders Nilsen – It’s a mixed media book that details the author’s relationship with his deceased fiancee. To see the bits and pieces of what made up their lives was rather beautiful. I wish it was longer (wait don’t we all wish for that for all our favs?) but for what it contained, it was great. The cremation comic was the most touching. I also met him at CAB. I didn’t know he was going to be there but the book was the best impulse buy I have so far this year. Though to be honest I haven’t read the vast majority of my other books haha.
  • Pearl Issue 1: Cherry. It’s a brand new Asian American online magazine that caters to young AA women by young AA women. Reading it I kept on saying, “I so understand.” It all hit such a deep note with me. I wish this magazine was there when I was younger. It’d be so cool to write for them and maybe I can. And oh, this issue centers around sexuality. It was really intriguing and my heart ached at a few places cuz I’ve been there. The photos are so good, the stories were remarkable, and I loved the art. The next issue is going to be awesomeeee.


  • Blank Space by Taylor Swift. I love this song to death. The video, the costumes, the antics. Everything is perfect I swear to God. I want this album NOW.
  • Pussy Kills by Rocky Rivera. A Filipina rapper, her beats are always on point and I love this feminist anthem. Check out these choice lyrics:

They can never handle what it takes to give birth

Say my pussy’s weak, try to claim it as they turf

Can never quantify what my pussy’s truly worth

So I make a man beg on his knees in the dirt

And I love the witchcraft vibe going on in the video. Can’t wait for Rocky’s upcoming EP!

  • Party Worker Album by Bambu – He’s the partner of the above Rocky and another Filipino Rapper. I kickstarted his album with only the prior knowledge of probably one song but I wanted to support Filipino artists and what I heard was pretty good. Let me tell you, this album is straight fire. I love the backing and his raps are intricate. Check out his Welcome to the Party music video. And here’s a selection of his lyrics:What you thought this was a little okie doke

A little woopty woop

Cool story, bro

This ain’t no muthuhfukking joking this is overthrow the recognition the ignition ain’t in your control

It’s a great socially conscious album. It makes me want to delve into the genre more and I’m definitely down to explore Bambu’s discography.

  • And here’s a spotify playlist of my favorite November finds. It’d take too long to explain why I love each one but trust me, they’re fantastic.


  • Making Mail directed by Michael Polk. It’s a free documentary on the creation of Mail Art and its beginnings. Really interesting and a hobby I would love to delve in. Once I get a job to fund the postage, I think I’ll give it a go.
  • Big Hero 6 directed by Don Hall and Chris Williams. Such a funny, pulse pounding movie. The animation was sooo good. And I’m really happy there was an Asian American lead. Baymax is so great. A little predictable but I enjoyed it.
  • The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part I directed by Francis Lawrence. I’m so glad I watched this. It may not be as action packed as it could’ve been but goddamn I loved it. Jennifer Lawrence was incredible but Josh Hutcherson was even more amazing. Bravo to that fine ass.

Poems – I won’t explain. Just read.



  • Mile 0 by Brian Oliu. I really like the format. An entrancing find.
  • 10 Signs the Interview Went Well by Stephanie Vozza. I was so ecstatic when I read this. I knew my interview last week went well but this really boosted my spirits. They even asked me when I can start. I really hope I got it in the bag. That win would turn everything around.
  • Werner Herzog’s No-Bullshit Advice to Aspiring Filmmakers and Creative Entrepreneurs by Maria Popova (Brain Pickings). In order to create great things, you have to live widely. And I love Herzog’s idea for a film school, pretty cool. I should give his advice a shot. It’s time to learn something new.

Short Films

  • What is Literature For? by The School of Life. I love the animation style and I agree with all of it. Makes me want to read books even more, always a good thing.
  • Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer by Call Me Ishmael. Basically, anonymous people call Ishmael’s number and detail a book they loved and a story from their life. This is one of my favorite books ever and this lady opened my view point even more. I have to buy it and reread it now.
  • After Us directed by Philip Wang (Wong Fu Productions). I really appreciate how they use Asian leads in most of their videos. This was a touching short film and it reminds me of how I was during break ups. I’m so much better off now lol.


  • Hit Record TV’s first season box set It’s a variety show hosted by that fine Joseph Gordon-Levitt that focuses on a theme each episode and it’s created by the masses. Music, visuals, short films, animation, etc. So many talented people on the internet! I really hope I can be one of them and actually get paid for my work. So cool. I really enjoyed the first episode but sadly I don’t have that Pivot channel. Luckily you can pre-order it and it comes with booklets for each episode plus the soundtrack! Amazeballs.
  • ALL.THE.TIGHTS. I absolutely heart these! All these tights are so gorgeous ugh. Once I’m making bank, I’m definitely gonna invest in these babies.
  • Elegy for a Dead World by Dejobaan Games. It’s a computer game where you explore dead civilizations and write about them. So cool! I wish I kickstarted but no matter, you can still fund it through paypal. I’ll most likely get it once I have my own laptop but ugh, I hate waiting.

That’s all for now. Enjoy and see you next month 😀


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