hey there

Oh man, I haven’t updated in over a year. Crap! I’ve been gone so long that they changed the friggin layout of where you blog! Dangggg.

Well, I’m back. I just finished up typing out my pieces for my sketchbook project for 2015 which is nearly a year late. Just need to print them out, mod podge them to seal it, and decorate the front and back covers.

But then comes the arduous task of taking photos of each page, exposing what’s beneath the flippable papers, and explaining the thought and process behind each one. That might take awhile but I want to see this through. I haven’t completed an art project since 2012. Not including finishing diaries. So it’s been like 3 years? Double danngggggg.

But this might be easy. I can do each one briefly, devoting 5-7 sentences to each one. Very doable but then again I tend to get obsessive, especially with my projects so *shrug*

Here’s a video of me reciting one of the poems and showing the page.

In any case, I plan on blogging again on here. Focused on creative endeavors. I’m not sure if I’ll update beyond this sketchbook but we’ll see. I still have two other ones to do so you’ll be seeing those as well over the year. I’m praying that I’ll complete those too. Those projects are even older *sigh*

That’s all for now. You can see more frequent posts on my tumblr.

Have a great weekend!


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