About Eileen – from 11 months ago in February ’16

NOTE: I had a habit where I collected my old about me’s and bios and I think I want to start it again. This current one doesn’t reflect the present me. I’m a lot more of a go-getter, not as pessimistic, and I have a new position now (which I should write about here finally, but not tonight) so I’m gonna create a new about me and start over.

It feels good to evolve.

I’m a Pinay American writer with a sad, pervasive need of follow-through, so hopefully this site will greatly assist me… or just guilt me into updating hehe.

I enjoy writing, reading, and blogging. My favorite genre is experimental literature. The internet is the most magnificent / most malicious thing to ever occur to me, but isn’t that the way of all things we come to deeply love?

I want to learn how to use a regular film camera and a darkroom. The process just seems so magical to me. I want to take a class on it as well as writing workshops with favorite writers, courses on art and curation, and literary seminars with well-loved authors. I also want to do a ton of guerilla art projects.

My greatest joy is learning and I can’t wait to move out on my own and travel the world. (Hopefully before I hit 30) I just need that much needed gumption to pursue them which is where this blog comes in. This WordPress will definitely push myself forward and I’d like to thank you for coming along for the ride.

If you’re curious about the sort of endeavors I want to blog about, look at the “To Make Life Interesting…” page. More might be added/failed later.

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