strange but enriching idea #002

Originally published on Facebook on Tuesday, November 15th, 2016 @ 6:08 am, as inspired from this Electric Literature essay by Tobias Carroll, “The Writing on the Wall: On the Convergence of Literature and Art“. Strange but enriching ideas are concepts I’d love to do that would add more unconventional wonder and creativity to my life. For more, go here.

Be featured in an art exhibit that showcases my writing. Bonus points if I incorporate mediums I don’t normally approach (which is every damn thing else). It’d be fun to collaborate with others but I love the idea of a solo exhibition. And like I’ve mentioned many times before, I really want to do experimental writing in my own book, along the lines of what’s gratefully mentioned here. I’m so excited to delve into all these writers’ and artists’ work!

And I’m so happy they mention Sophie Calle who is one my favorite artists ever. She inspired part of my Regina Cordova story where she abandons 100 public messages, when she can’t bring herself to connect with anyone face to face. Calle is even discovered by Cordova in the library and is completely captivated by her. She is so entranced with how this actual individual can lead such a strange and fiction like life. Like having over 100 people analyze a break up letter & perform it, or hiring a detective to follow & photograph her every move. Or lying on a bed all night at the top of the Eiffel Tower and have people queue to come to her and tell her stories so she’ll stay awake.

So amazing.

I hope to one day do a conceptual art project like she does. I actually started a public messages project just like Regina’s tho i thought of it before I began writing this novel/comic book. It’s called #messagestoc. I only left one so far at the Chelsea market bookstore, but someone posted it on Instagram and tagged me and was actually inspired to do the same. I’m gonna share it someday soon and I hope to abandon a second message in NOLA as well! (If you’re in my facebook album, click right to see more photos and details of each left behind missive)

I wanna start brainstorming of a conceptual art project that involves interacting with strangers face to face. Maybe New Orleans will inspire me. I’m currently boarding the plane departing for that southern destination I’ve always dreamed about. Hopefully I’ll see a Candy Chang mural, she’s my number one favorite artist thus far. (Never did get to see it, but NOLA was lovely! Can’t wait to return)

There’s a lot of possibilities out there and I can’t wait to explore them all.

May I be brave enough to face each one.

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