strange but enriching idea #003

Originally written on December 22nd, 2016 @ 5:28 pm and now expanded. For more strange but enriching ideas, go here.

Create works that get sold in Art-o-mat® – Don’t Go ‘Round Artless! They’re basically converted cigarette machines that you can buy affordable art from! So neat. I already bought a prototype package so I can figure out the best way to present my writing. I’m not really an artist but I’d love to push my creative boundaries. It’ll be so much fun!

Or a pain in my impatient ass.

Either way. EXCITING.

Some ideas so far:

  1. Miniature books
  2. — with mixed papers for them to fill up
  3. — (crappily) illustrated flash fiction
  4. — mixed media (doodles, collages, poetry, etc)
  5. — Regina Cordova’s abandoned messages. with the bottom of the box being a photo of the setting where it’s “found”****
  6. collages
  7. black out poetry
  8. something cute and squishy lol

I’m LOVING the Regina Cordova idea the most. It’s gonna be a lot of work though since they have to be handcrafted and I’d like to make each one unique. PLUS, it’ll give me 50 messages (cuz of the 50 art-o-mat quota) which i think is the number I wanted to aim for in the interactive novel. It was originally 100 but that book would be crazy thick and I’d never finish it lol.

It’d be sooo coooolll to use these as the prototypes for the novel. I actually want to get ambitious and see how many mediums and formats I can use for the Regina Cordova project. I’m so digging the concept of seeing how many worlds this can incorporate and I think I’ll grow a lot as a writer and artist.

I’m so hyped right now lol


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