Adored Ephemera – pages 10 & 11

Pages 10 & 11 of my sketchbook project “Adored Ephemera”

I haven’t updated about my sketchbook project “Adored Ephemera” since last year. Hopefully this 2018 I’ll finally finish blogging about this and mail it already. Here’s pages 10 & 11. If you want to see what I have so far blogged, go here. To get your own sketchbook project, check out:

Page 10

Seeing a polaroid of fresh snow with a poem titled “The First Day of Spring” feels timely given the weather in the Northeast. Though it looks like things will get warmer this weekend, hopefully haha. When I took this photo from my porch, I think this was done in winter though, a few years back. I like the way I laid it out on top of a lacy doily. And beneath the poem is this:


I love this illustration of flowers. I believe I got this ephemera from a package I got from Ari Bird. Here’s the poem

The First Day of Spring

You’re a snowfall landing on the Spring Equinox. Unexpected and perhaps unwelcomed but I love your magic anyway. The way your words dance in the air that I swear I can see shooting stars. How you brighten the darkest nights just by being you. How you softly touch me and slowly accumulate until I see an avalanche of love. You make everything feel like a wonderland. You make all things new again. I want to start the world over with you. Let’s rename the flora and fauna, create
our own strange paradise. Watch God hand make oceans, ridges, and volcanoes. We’ll marvel at our bodies and how they fit perfectly together. We’ll write and draw
the greatest works of art and you’ll be my first model, my only muse. And I’ll be your warm, sunny day on the Fall Equinox, shining for you when you expected a chill.

This poem makes me feel warm and cuddly. I hope I find someone who makes me think of this work. Be like “Oh, you’re the reason I wrote this.” Years later but still haha.

Page 11

I took a polaroid of a Burger King chicken fries and French fries, beside the fast food paper bag, which I later cut out as the background for this page.

Fast Food

You’re so bad for me but I want you anyway.
Grease, fat, and oil, you’re worth the
overeating, the weight gain. This pudge is
from you, for you. Deep fried carbs, extra
salted goodness, I crave at your scent. My
mouth waters for your dead body. You’re
worthless cholesterol, toxic to my cells,
fakeass nutrients, but goddamn look at you!
How can I resist? You utterly destroy my
temple, make a farce of my diet, and you’re
so hard to lose but I win when I eat you
out. You’re so cheap, fast, and easy to
get. You put all other foods to shame with
your quick access and convenience. You’ll
always be #1 in my heart cause you’re the
#1 cause of my artery blockage. But I can
never turn my baby away. I’ve known you all
my life from chicken nugget finger food to
scarfing down a juicy burger on a late
night food run. You fill my emptiness with
emotional, delicious overeating. You
complete my fatass.

It’s been a long while since I wrote tongue in cheek, funny ode. They’re usually to food lol. Actually in this same sketchbook project, I had one on Artichoke Pizza. *drools* I must return.

I’m craving Popeye’s right now. I’ve been thinking about it all day lol. Maybe I’ll get it tomorrow. I shouldn’t though, but it’s calling meeeeee.

I need to stop satisfying every frivolous desire. I’d save more money that way. And self-respect haha.

Probably won’t though,


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