A Sense of Wonder


I finally finished my sketchbook project 2018! And today is the damn deadline lol. Just need to blog its entirety (yikes) and mail it off. YAY.

I titled this work “A Sense of Wonder” because that succinctly embodies this book, for the reader (hopefully) and me. It’s also a line I took from one of the pages which you’ll hopefully catch. This photo within a photo was taken at Jersey Shore Premium Outlets in Tinton Falls. The lighting is pretty damn great, I think it was natural. Oh yeah I did it at like 9:30 in the morning haha. This past morning, Sunday the 29th. Today is the 30th, and it has been for four hours. Oh my god I should sleep.

My original idea was to do a droste effect but I have neither the skills or the software for it. That’s okay cuz I’m loving this cover. Oh yeah, I also just used white gel pen for title and byline. Fun stuff

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