A Sense of Wonder


Took place underground in the Grove Street Path Station, right on of the columns. The diagonal lines read “Kodak Moments”. It’s the back of the order receipt from one of the drugstores I used for printing photos. Messed up a bit and wrote over the words but eh, it’s okay. Here’s what it says:

photos I want to take:

  • my book on the shelf of WORD Jersey City
  • happy tears
  • selfie w/ my literary agent
  • my first tattoo
  • sunrise in a Philippine beach
  • my own private library
  • the 1st love letter I received
  • first place I drove by myself to
  • my “Before I Die” wall hope on the chalkboard
  • drinking a Ramos Gin in NOLA
  • #abandonedB2DBC guerilla art in Jersey City
  • my final bottle of pills
  • my child reading a book
  • my launch party @ AAWW
  • a thick, cut & paste zine I made
  • Charlyne Yi performing
  • favorite Museum of Broken Relationships item in Croatia
  • selfie in a tree house
  • selfie with my family in the Philippines
  • my first fan mail
  • something I wrote on a typewriter
  • a meal I cooked
  • my store layout at The Open Book in Wigtown, Scotland
  • reading somewhere magical
  • serendipity

I wrote some details on this here. I hope I cross out a few of these before I hit 31. And if I were to pick where I would use a typewriter, it would be at the public typerwriter at Literati bookstore in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I adore the book Notes from a Public Typewriter. It’s brilliant. Will probably end up abandoning it in public in the spirit of the book. Over six years ago I wrote up a list of places I want to read in. Hopefully I’ll find that magical list this summer. And hopefully I’ll have the money to travel haha.

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