A Sense of Wonder


I got this postcard for free at a zine fest. And this photo was taken at Planet Fitness. I don’t normally write political items but this spoke to me. Here:

We the people

will not cower to the state’s malevolence.
will rise and defy fascist expectations.
will not remain in white supremacy’s hold.
will determine our own futures.
will not stay beneath you.
will tear down every obstacle you set.
will not be fooled by your deceit.
will keep the movement forward despite your stunts.
will not forget whose land this country belongs to.
will forever remember what oppression took from us.
will not rest til we’re all free.
will shout louder & break indifference.
will not accept your shitty terms.
will remain empathetic and support the suffering.
will not allow tragedy to go unheard nor vanished.
will dream and fight for a better future & never be defeated.

I used these blended rainbow pencils I bought from Unique. Such a good find. I’m becoming more and more of an activist which has been thrilling and interesting and most of all necessary. Though I haven’t been able to attend events and protests due to low money. Hopefully the spring will be better.

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