A Sense of Wonder


I haven’t done blackout poetry in awhile. It’s so much fun though! I received the original Rob Brezsny’s Free Will Horoscopes through Kate Berwanger’s bread crumbs package. She’s a fantastic and strange and engrossing writer. You can read what the original horoscopes originally say on here. I’m so glad I know this guy now. I really want to read his stuff every week. Here’s what I left in:

¤ history buried in the earth we need to say to you.
¤ mobilize your life: make effort, treat yourself, jolt your habit, inspire, awaken your soul, tell stories, help, remember
¤ kisses allow a sense of wonder and an appreciation
¤ favor brave questions. Invoke the future
¤ connection: to fulfill desires
¤ touch can provide relief for why
¤ sex should need pleasure and delight especially ravenous and rowdiness ¤ the calm produced power in your insight
¤ boring conceal spectacular. better than you imagined it would be
¤ a girl became the reason you like repercussions
¤ feel good, arouse magic, be true, transform your life for the better
¤ I hope your bravery is your redemption

I plan on doing more. And do news articles as well. I think it’ll break creative blocks and make me feel productive. I want to create more works and this is one way to do that. I love discovering the truth. Hopefully next time I can create a story.

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