A Sense of Wonder


Finally we’ve reached the conclusion which states:

In the beginning, I went with pithy, affirmative, and somewhat wise statements, but it didn’t feel enough. So I injected my personality and past into it, perhaps oversharing but I don’t regret it. This is a capsule of what I want to share with the world (with you) in 2018. Sometimes the locale determined the messages. Sometimes it was the ephemera. All of it is me, boiled down to what I believe & hope for. To what has harmed me as well. The process has been cathartic & fulfilling. And to hold this in my hands and in turn, your hands is kind of mind-blowing. I don’t always finish my projects, but I am proud of this completion. Writing has always led me to myself & this endeavor is no different. I hope you’re creating and evolving. Growth is a beautiful wonder.

And so are you.

Goodbye and good luck. May we meet again.

Eileen Ramos

I had a lot more room than I needed and it hit me that I should copy Postsecret, here’s my mostly exact take, hand stamped in lime green:

if you are waiting 4 a sign -> This is fucking it. GO FOR IT!

Thought it would be a neat, encouraging surprise. Hope it inspires someone. Let me know if it does for you.

And then here’s my bio:

Eileen Ramos is a bi(polar) Filipina-American writer and
mental health advocate. Her ideal days involve overflowing
writing sessions, new audio that speaks to her, tenderness,
bursting packages, better understanding, deep heart to hearts,
full mouths, snorting guffaws, ravenous reading, and stability.
One day she’ll travel to the Museum of Broken Relationships in
Croatia and remember a forgotten heartbreak. Hold hands with
someone new & full of promise. See her published books on the
shelves of beloved bookshops. Speak volumes during an agit
speech at the Philippine Consulate for GABRIELA New York
and for the people. Drive across states to see & hear favorite
artists and discover further depths. Make Charlyne Yi laugh.
Go snorkeling in the Philippines. Cook a feast for those she
loves. Turn each fear into rising fulfillment. Feel absolutely
beautiful in front of the mirror sans makeup.

But for now, she’s willing to call it a good day if she doesn’t
shoot herself in the foot.

Better when it’s aimed at her self-loathing.

That Goddamn bitch.

I inserted a lot of dreams here. And some sexual innuendo hehe. I decided to not put “hopefully” because I know I have the power to enact any and all of them and more. I’m scared to drive, to swim, to use the stove, and a bunch of other things, but I know I have the potential to do them all. I feel like my fears can be irrational. I’m not weak. I’m not an idiot.

I can do it.

Then the sketchbook project helpfully put space where we can leave our artist info. I put @eintervital for both Instagram and Twitter. My email address: eintervital at gmail dot com and then my WordPress which you’re on right now.


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