A Sense of Wonder


Finally here’s the back cover. Decided to use white gel pen like used on the front. Drew a self-portrait of myself flying a kite. Look at it soar.

It’s a good tie in with the phrase I came up with: “Let your passion take the lead”. It reflects the “A Sense of Wonder” title as well. I’ve let my passion and curiosity make my decisions and they’ve been pretty solid. Not a thing to regret honestly.

Also this is a daruma stamp from Baum-Kuchen which is a stationery shop in Los Angeles I adore. Need to visit one day. You may have seen it already when I blogged my Before I hit 30 list. I planted this fella because I completed a goal of finishing (and now blogging!) this sketchbook project. Plus it’s like he’s a gentleman taking the lead in a dance hehe. Totally didn’t think of it til now, just like decorating him hehe. Or her, darumas shouldn’t really have a gender honestly. And females (anyone really) can be the lead.

The blue ink spots, plus the ones you saw behind the hopeful and anxious cards, were from a fountain pen that exploded on me. It’s pretty though so I kept it. Plus I’m lazy haha.

Man I’ve been sitting here for too long. My eyes are all dry and strained. Not good. I have about 50 minutes to mail this off and it’s due today. I think I’ll hold off cuz I still need to connect it to the website… back and done hehe.

I’ll just have to mail it tomorrow. I’m sure one day late isn’t that bad.

I can’t wait to visit it at the Brooklyn Art Library shelves. And see my notifications hehe.

I’m so happy it’s finally done. Wow.

Let me know if you have a sketchbook project too. I’d love to check it out when I visit!

Good luck and take care,



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