A Sense of Wonder


I used some cute washi tape to spell out “Dearest Stranger,”, though I fucked up and didn’t leave enough room for “ger” lol. hence the oops. On the right side is my introduction which states:

Let’s imagine that we share the same world (which we all do). And everywhere you go, you discover messages and gifts out in public, waiting for you. This sketchbook project is that journey. The left side has drug store printed photos which show the location and its ephemera. On the right will be the ephemera itself with captions sometimes provided when possible. But don’t worry if you can’t read my chicken scratch, I’ve provided full type outs on my blog, http://www.vitalendeavor.wordpress.com Scan the QR code:

(feels redundant to insert the QR code since you’re already on the blog post)

With accompanying anecdotes to provide some context. I hope you enjoy the ride, and maybe it’ll inspire you to create your own guerilla art. It’s pretty thrilling. …though next time you should actually abandon them like I’m supposed to lol.

Went to Walgreens and CVS to print the photos out. This sketchbook is pretty much the prototype for an experimental novel I’m working on. Though that one requires the reader to actually hold the ephemera in their very hands. Hopefully one day this year I can show you some excerpts.

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