A Sense of Wonder

20180430_034455It’s a metrocard that has the words “Ride off into the sunset” written in thin sharpie on it. Photo taken at a turnstile in Newark Path Station. It would’ve made more sense if this was placed at the end lol but oh well. This might be better though, to make it more off-kilter and to let the reader know THAT THERE ARE NO RULES IN THIS WONDERLAND. lol so punny.

The metrocard is expired by the way. Though ideally, if I did really abandon it, it would have enough fare for at least one subway ride. I didn’t capture the cowboy boots on purpose. Serendipity just happened, which popped up a few times. OH MY GOD I JUST REALIZED THE WORDS ARE WHAT THEY SAY DURING WESTERN MOVIES.

…wow that is serendipity. And I feel like a fool for not realizing it til now haha.

I’m so oblivious, it’s frightening.

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