A Sense of Wonder


This features the book The Guerilla Art Kit by Keri Smith. Here’s what the wonderful publisher Princeton Architectural Press had to say: “This visually exciting activity book–full of step-by-step exercises, cutout projects, sticker ideas, and more–has both fun assignments and handy tips to help you unleash your creative energy into the streets, where you can really make an impact. From the quick exercises–leaving books for strangers to find, chalking quotes on the sidewalk–to the more involved–making a “wish tree,” guerilla gardening, or making your own stencils–The Guerilla Art Kit contains everything you need to put your message out into the world.” I bought it for half off at McNally Jackson when they had a sale. The bookshop is real close to Little Cupcake Bakeshop. I wrote on the price sticker:

Enhance our world with your wonder. Here are are some tools to get you started. I believe in your art.

I plan on abandoning the book in real life through my guerilla art project #abandonedB2DBC where I abandon books, small gifts, literary magazines, and my own written works. Not sure if I can call it guerilla art anymore since I attach my name to it, oh well. I’m sticking to it.

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