A Sense of Wonder


Taken in the Fiction shelf at WORD Jersey City Bookstore which I used to work at. I miss it dearly. I chose this location because it has one of my favorite books, The Lover’s Dictionary by David Levithan. It’s a story of a relationship told in the form of dictionary entries. I melted when I read it. And you can read the unabridged version on twitter. Ugh so lovely. The envelope reads:

A game:
1. Take a piece of ephemera & write down your whisper.
2. Insert it into this tiny envelope.
3. Leave them both in a public place you adore
4. Walk away knowing you will make a stranger’s day a bit more
magical, mysterious & memorable.

And on the flap:

Dear Discoverer, you may take their words but please replace them w/ your own.

I love this idea. A constant rotation of little notes for others to find. The envelope traveling all over. Here’s what the red “Open Me” note looks like:


Drew a flower and its roots with a flying bee and clouds and the shining sun. I’m not sure why I didn’t color in the clouds since that’s a white gel pen lol. But oh well. I forget how nice it is to doodle. Here’s what the other side looks like:


Read what it says:

I’ll start.

Do not abide to his scornful, distressing lies. He is dead wrong; you are beautiful. Dear self, you deserve someone who supports & uplifts you. Not some bastard who takes every chance to brutalize your being with venom. I write this with tears on my eyes that will land on this page.  Love is never cruel and he never loved you. He said it so many times; how could you forget?

Don’t let him charm his way back into your life. Again. Let him cut you out of his life. It’s truly a blessing even though it doesn’t feel like it. He was your best friend, your first, your closest confidante and he doesn’t deserve any of these titles. You will fall for someone new and they’ll help you forget your current misery. You will discover real love. And it’ll be overwhelming and worth every tear of joy you let go. I promise.

Hold onto you. The sweet, supportive, brilliant, creative, and endearing you. Shine brighter than his scorches. Life will get better. Don’t allow pain to be your ending.

Rise above my love.

I don’t think there’s more to say. Though honestly I don’t want to trigger myself and get upset. In any case it occurred to me that someone might actually do this and possibly keep the note and replace it with their own. I was gonna put a statement not to, but I think it would make my sketchbook more fun and interesting. Besides I still have the photos of the original. So do what you will, reader.

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