Dearest You – Anticipate-a-Day

Hello there! If you’re reading this, you might be the recipient of my mail art project with Shadow Traffic‘s Anticipate-a-Day, titled “Dearest You”

These prompts and below optional essays were written to me and for you. To encourage you and perhaps help you see the world in your bright light. The images you hold to your eyes are meant to be in my point of view, with my hands in most shots. I don’t see myself in mainstream media, not even in the Philippines as they’re usually Mestiza, white complexion, narrow face, and pointy nose. Plus tall and lithe when I’m short and chubby haha.

You can see the full list of prompts and letter that came with the viewmaster in the file below

I’m still working on the essays but you can see the first one on the next page. I hope to completely finish tonight, 3/28 but do email me if you’re ready for day 4 and it’s not posted yet. Thank you for your patience and I hope you enjoy this project. It’s been a dream of mine to make my own custom reels and I’m grateful to Shadow Traffic for believing in me and my words.

This project is a great way to show myself and my parts. To build a deeper love for my being, that doesn’t need to be reflected elsewhere. I am enough and wonderful as I am, and I hope you know you are too.

Enjoy the project and feel free to tag me on Instagram (@wordsiheld). Take care and have a lovely day