Dearest You – Anticipate-a-Day

Day 4

Here’s the First Dearest You Reel. I didn’t want to spoil it in the previous days just in case you can’t see it in person. Each hand is all mine haha

Dearest You—If you had an actually magic 8 ball that will give you a “Yes” to any of your dream projects, which would that be? If you knew you could not fail, what would you go for? Consider this: you are your own answer. Whatever you believe, you can do. Whatever you don’t think you can, won’t happen. These reels you hold in your hand, this viewmaster, this letter—they would not exist at all if I didn’t say “Yes” to myself first. Be your own magic maker.

I’ve always wanted to make viewmaster reels but never attempted until I came across the Anticipate-a-Day open call. If I didn’t believe I could create something magical and placed my whole heart into the proposal, this wouldn’t have been made at all.

The opposite is also true: if you believe you will fail, you most likely will. For years I knew that was a self-fulfilling prophecy but recently I learned that it’s more aptly called self-sabotage. Self-fulfilling prophecy doesn’t drive the point home like the latter. How such negative thinking will backfire your endeavors inevitably. You won’t put your heart into it as much. You won’t seek growth nor improve. You won’t do what needs to be done because you don’t see the point.

The moment I started to say Yes to myself—writing down my goals and making plans and carrying them out: that’s when my dreams started to come true. I spent years being stagnant and in stasis, and never evolving because I didn’t think I could succeed. Or that I even deserve to. I was too scared to try and that inaction cost me a lot of potential.

But I wasn’t ready yet, and that’s more than okay. I had to learn how to love myself and develop self-confidence before I could flourish and see my desires through. I wanted to see what I could do with my own hands, with my words filling up the page and the blinking cursor. Now, failure does not scare me as much as inaction does. Because at least I tried and I believe in my worth, and standing still will not give you anything but heartache.

As you weigh your supposed pipe dreams in your head, know there’s nothing impossible to them at all. Not if you have a good foundation, a blueprint, a strong support system, and are willing to ask for help or search for some guidance. You deserve to step forward. You deserve to try. It’s more than possible.

It’s yours.