• public posts contain events and links I really want to share and think will liven up your day/life. I tend to get really introspective and perhaps TMI with things I share with facebook friends so be aware of that if you want to friend me.


  • a multitude of lists that I can’t stop touching. It never ends. In a good way.


  • photos that mostly contain book hauls that I almost always never read until months later. Or ever. I really need to work on that haha.
  • whatever pictures, audio, videos, text, quotes, conversations, asks that I find interesting and worth sharing. Where you usually find challenges to get to know me better. But beware, I get mad verbose on that. Thank God for read more links.


  • used to be a diary of sorts and now they’re link posts to my instagram and tumblr. It’s time to evolve.


  • books that catch my eye. I definitely want to write more reviews. Be on the look out.
  • Ask what you like.
  • listen to songs I enjoy, like my life soundtrack. More to come. I hope haha.
  • what I’d like to try and do and not be so deluged by my desires. It’s a vision board that overwhelms me but also reminds me that there’s a lot more to this life than what’s on my screen.

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