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Words I Held

If you’re interested in receiving a curated short story, poem, flash piece, and/or essay. Fill out the contact form below. Please include at minimum five words that indicate your interests. Such as “hopeful”, “sci-fi”, “experimental”, “POC”, “camera”, “tattoos”, “candle”. “Filipina”, “redemption”. While also including the genre or medium of the piece. I can also search for videos, interactive works, photo galleries, etc. As well as recommend any songs, podcasts, TV episodes, or films. Simply specify. Up to 3 per requestor though I might throw in a bonus if I feel you’d enjoy it.

I’ll do my best to find a work that speaks to most of what you request. You can also be more verbose and write in full sentences what you’d like to read. Remember to leave your email address so I can email you a link to the work online or if need be, attach the story itself.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can provide me your mailing address and I will send you print outs of the works and some gifts. However I can only do this for those in USA. It can be a zine, a book, or literary magazine. Up to 5 physical works, minimum 2 and I will determine the number. And an object and ephemera related to the publications, which will be contained in a cigar box. I will also write you a letter with a wax seal. I won’t accept money as this is a way for me to clear out my hoard and give books that you’ll hopefully love.

Please allow up to three months for completion. I will send you a confirmation email of receiving your request and later on an email with tracking number once mailed if you wish for a physical care package.

If need be, I’ll email to ask you questions about what you’re interested in so I know that I’m going in the right direction. You can also mention if you just want to be surprised so I won’t do any follow up.

Thank you for reading and taking a chance on a stranger. I hope you have a lovely year of reading ahead.