To Make Life More Interesting…

Projects to Complete:

Stories of Regina Cordova – a joint experimental, interactive novel and comic book series script based on my life. Regina Cordova is a fictionalized version of me as a Pinay, queer, bipolar writer, though she has no idea she’s queer or bipolar at the start of her narrative.

Sketchbook Projects:

  1. Sketchbook Project 2012: Soulmate
  2. 5×5 Series: Fiction. I had a Word doc but decided to nix it and start over
  3. Sketchbook Project 2015: Modpodged and ready to be blogged
  4. Sketchbook Project as done by Regina Cordova – I’d let one side of the pages to be a short story she writes and the other half will be messages she’d abandon in public. It’ll be a prototype of the novel. Also hoping to bind in additional pages, I need to learn first though lol ugh.
  5. Sketchbook Project – document my life in 2017 since I know a lot will happen. I’m not sure how I’ll record it all, but I hope it displays the scope of me

#52essays2017 – As started by Vanessa Martir, where I write an essay a week for all of 2017. Way behind but I will catch up. Begin here.

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