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We Feel We Worry We Refuse: A Community Zine – Jason Magabo Perez taught a series of free writing workshops called the Artifact Labs during the Spring 2020 at the start of the pandemic. “Here are raw and urgent and meditative poems, journal entries, letters, paintings, drawings, and collages of dignified rage, solidarity, longing, possibility, prayer, and hope. This community zine is humbly offered as but one record of our times. We keep fighting. We keep resisting. We keep passing the good word.”

I have a poem included, “We Refuse” and I was thrilled to see it was part of the publication title. Ecstatic and utterly honored.

Black Revolutionary Theatre Workshop Auction – I donated three junk journals I hand made + an orange cigar box full of ephemera for my friend’s auction. Check out the catalog and bid for awesome stuff from February 15 – March 1!

Anticipate-A-Day proposal – Hosted by Shadow Traffic and sponsored by RetroViewer, it’s a bespoke image experience delivered by the classic toy known as a ViewFinder. Through this linked proposal submission form, they will chose 11 individuals who will create an ‘image reel’ of 14 slides (2 reels of 7 slides each) and it must be participatory. FAQ and additional details & requirements can be found here.

I’m excited to be their patron and provide funding for more participants while covering shipping costs, plus creating my own reel. I always wanted to make my own reel and I could never think of a better way to do it.

Alumna of the Moment blog post with In Full Color, a nonprofit that empowers women of color through theater and more

Color Street – where I get my sweet manis hehe

YouTube Channel – flip throughs, readings of my work, and talk about my projects. Captions are provided

Bookshop – where you can buy most of the books I’ve mentioned. I do get a commission if you purchase here.

@abandonedb2dbc – a public art project for Bored to Death Book Club where I leave behind (loosely) connected books, lit mags, zines, small gifts, and written works inspired by the previous. See column here.

@booksiheld – bookstagram where I show off my book hauls; write reviews of favorite literary magazine,s zines, books, and artist books; and any literary projects inspired by what I read. I also display my colorstreet mani that matches my current read hehe

@wordsiheld – personal instagram where I share happy tears and their causes, WIPs and projects, and whatever else I fancy.

Dear Future Partner” – a video of my monologue on my fears of love and impending psychoses for In Full Color