About Eileen

I’m a queer, bipolar, Pinay American writer and mental health advocate. I’m the head event and donation space coordinator for The Asian American Literary Review‘s “Open In Emergency: A Special Issue on Asian American Mental Health“. If you know of any universities, event spaces, bookstores, community and counseling centers, art galleries, QTPoC and multicultural resource centers, shelters, and more across the U.S. that would want to host an event, need a copy, or can sell it, please email me! I’d love to coordinate with you.

I want to use this space to not just document all my creative projects, but also my evolving identity. As I come to grips with being queer and out (I like both men and women), and becoming increasingly outspoken about my severe mental illness (I have a history of psychoses, suicidal ideation, and depression), I want to incorporate all of these necessary facets into my works and everyday life. It’s been refreshing to bridge that once canyon sized gap between my writing and my persona and I can’t wait to discover more.

I’m a book hoarder (and neglecter) and my favorite genre is experimental literature. I love playing around with conventions within my writing and half the fun is figuring out which format best illustrates my ideas.

And how I can push it further.

If you’re curious about the sort of endeavors I want to blog about, look at the “To Make Life Interesting…” page.

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